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Algiers Canal Pumping Stations Frontal Protection

Algiers, LA

Project Description

This project includes retrofitting five (5) pumping stations along the Algiers Canal to provide frontal hurricane protection that ties into adjacent levees along the Algiers Canal.  Pile supported T-walls were constructed on the flood side of each pumping station, and the discharge tubes pass through or over the T-wall.  The project also includes all mechanical and electrical upgrades necessary to the discharge systems.  The five (5) pumping stations include the Belle Chase Pumping Station, the Plaquemines Pumping Station, the Planters Pumping Station, Sewerage and Water Board Pumping Station No. 11 and Sewerage and Water Board Pumping Station No. 13.  DEI is a Joint Venture partner on this project.

Work on this project has included preparation of the feature Draft Individual Environmental Report, Engineer Alternative Measures (EAM) and preparation of contract plans and specifications.  The current phase of this project involves construction of all frontal protection work to include HSDRS design features.

Design Engineering, Inc.’s responsibility in this project included structural and civil design for five pumping stations.  Specific tasks included:

  • T-wall design including foundation and structural design for 986 LF of T-walls (470 LF at No. 11 and 516 LF at No. 13, 660 LF at Planters, 290 LF at Belle Chasse and 432 LF at Plaquemines),
  • Site drainage design,
  • Drainage design between existing pump station and proposed T-wall,
  • Design of sluice gates,
  • Demolition plans,
  • Preliminary design for Temporary Retaining Structures for cost estimating and constructability purposes, and
  • Preparation of contract specifications for the projects.


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