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Contract 3A & 3B Hero Pumping Station to Algiers Canal

Harvey, LA

Project Description

This project includes providing hurricane frontal protection T-walls to the Hero Pumping Station and hurricane protection in the form of T-walls, floodgates and levees along the Harvey Canal and Bayou Barataria from the Hero Pumping Station to the Algiers Canal (approximately 6720 LF). At the pumping station, a 27 foot high T-wall will be provided and the discharge tubes will be passed through the T-wall. Along Bayou Barataria, the T-walls extend for approximately 1940 LF and passes through active industrial businesses. Coordination with the business was required to determine optimum wall placement, location and size of floodgates, and the required utility relocations. Levees complete the hurricane protection along Bayou Barataria and extend for approximately 4380 LF to the tie-in with the Algiers Canal Levee project. This project was a part of a Joint Venture with DEI and Burk-Kleinpeter, Inc.

Work on this project has included preparation of a Design Documentation Report and preparation of 95% contract plans and specifications prior to Hurricane Katrina. The current phase of this project includes redesign of the hurricane protection system to include post-Katrina design criteria.

Design Engineering, Inc.’s responsibility in this project include the geometric and structural design of the T-walls and levees, design of the frontal protection at Hero Pumping Station and design of the T-walls along Bayou Barataria. In the current phase, DEI’s responsibility also includes redesign of the floodgates. Specific tasks include:

  • T-wall design (27’ height) for frontal protection at Hero Pumping Station (330 LF) including foundation and structural design,
  • Drainage design between the existing Hero Pumping Station and the proposed T-wall,
  • Preliminary design of Temporary Retaining Structure for cost estimating and constructability purposes,
  • T-wall design (15’ to 19’) for protection along Bayou Barataria and Harvey Canal (1940 LF of wall) including foundation and structural design,
  • Redesign of floodgates for post-Katrina height and design criteria, and Preparation of contract specifications for associated design work.

The estimated construction cost for this project is approximately $12 million.

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