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LPV 105

New Orleans Lakefront

Project Description

This project includes the replacement of approximately 7,952 LF of existing I-Wall with T-Wall and the enlargement of 2,435 LF of existing levee along the present alignment, the replacement of four (4) vehicular gates, replacement of 1 existing railroad gate and a construction of 1 new railroad gate.  Design will provide a high level of hurricane protection to the 1% project design elevations contained in the “Elevation for Design of Hurricane Protection Levees and Structures.

Design Engineering Inc. provides all civil and structural engineering services to design the replacement of existing I-walls and floodgates with new T-walls and floodgates on the west end of the project, beginning at the T-wall monolith north of the existing Norfolk Southern RR gate and ending at the T-wall monolith immediately adjacent to the new Norfolk Southern RR gate.

The Scope of Work listed below:

  • Perform site visits and attended all required or necessary meetings with OLD, USACE and others as required to produce the designs and plans.
  • Prepare civil and structural designs and plans as required by the Scope of Work for west reach of project more precisely described as follows:  all T-wall and vehicular gates from Railroad Gate No. 1 to Railroad Gate No. 2.
  • Provide information to others for their preparation of right-of-way and relocation plans, construction specifications, quantities for cost estimates and surveys.
  • Prepare documents for FAA permit applications, coordination with the FAA as required.
  • Coordinate designs with Team Members
  • Address review comments.
  • Perform all QA/QC activities as required by the USACE Contract and USACE Task Order.

Provide written input for progress reports and schedule updates.

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