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Mardi Gras Fountain

New Orleans, LA

Project Description

This project includes the renovation of the Mardi Gras Fountain along Lakeshore Drive between Canal Blvd. and Orleans Avenue Canal.  Work included the restoration of the fountain, first constructed around 1960.  Additional work included filling and grading the area to improve drainage, replacing sidewalks and seating areas, repairing the Mardi Gras Krewe plaques, replacing the security fencing and the site lighting, construction of a new fountain system, new pumps, new lights and new paving.

A plaza area between the seawall and Lakeshore Drive was also included in this project.  This pile supported concrete deck constructed for the Plaza area provides a 600 foot long recreational area that is also a completely effective erosion control measure.  This paved area can and did withstand hurricane wave action with no damage.  While some amenities such as light poles and benches were destroyed the slab areas were undamaged.  The pile supported concrete slab is the type of protection needed to prevent erosion in area located between pave surfaces.

This concept protects the seawall, a very expensive flood protection facility and also Lakeshore Drive by preventing wash outs due to wind driven waves, etc.

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