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NO Lakefront Airport AIP

New Orleans, LA

Project Description

This project included improvements to the New Orleans Lakefront Airport main Runway, Taxiway B, Taxiway F and the Terminal Apron.  Funding for the improvement project was through the AIP Grant Program.  The improvements included application of Bituminous Pavement Sealcoat and Rejuvenator, removal and repainting of 249,197 square feet of runway and taxiway pavement markings and crack fill and sealant of damaged pavement.

DEI conducted a field evaluation of pavement surfaces to determine the project scope and cost estimate to allocate funds through the AIP Grant Program.  The field evaluation was in accordance with FAA Advisory Circular 150/5380-6B.  DEI’s responsibilities also include the preparation of plans and specifications and assisting the Non-Flood Asset Management Authority with advertisement and bidding of construction documents and construction administration.

Design Engineering, Inc. was in responsible charge for this design project.  Design Engineering, Inc. provided the design services for all of the project except surveying and geotechnical services which were done by sub-consultant under contract to Design Engineering, Inc.

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