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Northpark – I & II

Covington, LA

Project Description

This project includes the design of water distribution, fire protection and water storage facilities for this large development of 150 acres commercial industrial subdivision with concrete streets, subsurface drainage, sewage lift stations and force mains, gravity sewer system, sewage treatment plant and water distribution system, including determining flow demands, sizing distribution piping using computer modeling software, determining fire flows, sizing a water storage tank to accommodate both fire and use demands, preparation of plans, specifications and bid documents.  Sewer collection, pumping station, and force main design for this development, including determination of peak sewage flows based on anticipated business, commercial and industrial uses, sizing of collection mains using computer design software, sizing of pumping station and force main to central sewage treatment facility, construction supervision and approval of shop drawings.

Services provided by Design Engineering, Inc. included:

  • Preparation of final plans and specifications
  • Construction administration

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