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Re-rate BARS

Rated Bridge Structures Statewide

Project Description

Design Engineering, Inc. was selected by the LADOTD to convert existing BARS Load Rating Working Stress Method (WSM) and Load Factor Method (LFM) files to the VIRTIS database using AASHTO Software, VIRTIS 4.0.  The project also required re-running the converted BARS files with VIRTIS 4.0 Software and verifying the VIRTIS rating results for the selected structures, re-rating all WSM and posted structures with VIRTIS 4.0 girder system and submitting the summary results to the LADOTD and the rating summary sheets for approximately 400 bridges statewide.

All calculations were approved by the LADOTD’s Rating Engineer.

The Project involved the following:

  • Reviewed and researched all of the Bridge Inspection Reports and files in the LADOTD Baton Rouge Archives.
  • Obtained the as-built plans for the bridge and used them to verify the structural models.
  • Determined the calculations were consistent with the Bridge Inspection Reports and Plans.

Design Engineering, Inc. was responsible for the Professional quality and technical accuracy of all designs, drawing, specifications and other services furnished by the firm.

The re-rating project was very complex with intense deadlines and was used to update the computer technology for the Statewide rating program for the LADTOD.

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