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Readiness Center

Louisiana National Guard Multi-Unit Readiness Center | Hammond, Louisiana

Project Description

Design Engineering, Inc. was selected to perform engineering services for the Site Development of the Hammond Airport.  Basic services include civil and utility engineering, topographic surveying and other related services required for the preparation of plans, specifications and contract documents, estimates and periodic engineering supervision during construction as may be required.

This project included the site development of approximately 22.65 acres, including the design of a new 1,724 linear feet of sewer system with manholes and oil/water separators for various buildings, connection to an existing sewer system, 4.94 acre concrete parking lot, 3,943 linear foot subsurface drainage (12” ø to 36” ø), 1.16 acre asphalt parking lot, 2,076 linear feet of 8” potable water line; 185 linear feet of fire water line and sizing drainage detention ponds for 26.4 acre drainage area.

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