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Sewerage & Water Board Replacement of SPS

New Orleans, LA

Project Description

The Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans has contracted with Design Engineering, Inc. to provide professional engineering services to complete Phase 1 of the HMGP project, including site specific topographic surveys, geotechnical engineering reports, preparation of a Preliminary Design Report (PDR) that will serve as the 30% schematic design for the project and serve as the basis for final design. Final design shall include preparation of detailed drawings, specifications, including contract and bid documents, and a construction cost estimate.

The Phase I Preliminary Design Report (PDR) specifically addresses constructing new elevated facilities at the following sewage pumping stations located in the City of New Orleans:

  • Lawrence Sewage Pumping Station, 7900 Morrison Road;
  • Bullard Sewage Pumping Station, 5501 Bullard Road;
  • Lake Forest Sewage Pumping Station, 10451 Lake Forest Boulevard;
  • Dodt Sewage Pumping Station, 8188 Chef Menteur Highway;
  • Plum Orchard Sewage Pumping Station, 7300 Chef Menteur Highway;
  • Victoria Sewage Pumping Station, 3620 Victoria Street;
  • Sewage Pumping Station No. 6, 242 South Solomon Street;
  • Sewage Pumping Station No. 8, Broad Street at Toulouse Street.

The new sewage pump station buildings are intended to be simply designed and durable. The above ground buildings will protect pump equipment, electrical and electronic equipment, piping, and valves; while providing safe maintenance access

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