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Civil Engineering

Services at DEI

As an integrated operation, DEI advises and guides its clients through every stage of a project’s life cycle.

DEI is experienced in taking projects from the pre-planning, conceptual stage through the design phase to implementation, deployment, and finally maintenance of the project. Simply put, DEI is a “one-stop shop.”

Civil Engineering

  • Airport Facilities
  • Building structural design
  • Highway/interstate design
  • Urban roadway design
  • Bridge design
  • Parking facilities design
    (Parking lots, Parking garages)
  • Site development
  • Port and Marina design
    (Breakwater and bulkhead, Retaining dykes and structures, Piers and slips, Steel and concrete covered slips, Roadways, Parking facilities, Utilities, Dredging, Fill and grading)
  • Flood Protection design
    (Earthen levees, Steel sheet piling, Floodwalls–Inverted T-walls, Concrete I-walls—Sealed bridges, Flood gates)
  • Water systems
    (Water wells, Elevated storage tanks, Ground water storage tanks, Transmission lines, Distribution systems, Fire protection systems)
  • Waste handling facilities design
    (Sewage treatment plants, Sewage collection systems, Gravity sewer lines, Force mains)
  • Drainage systems
    (Subsurface drainage systems, Major drainage canals, Flow control structures, Pumping stations, Retention ponds and lakes, Erosion control, Box culverts, Concrete lined canals, Hydraulic flow analysis)
  • Docks and wharves
    (Berthing facilities, Gantry cranes, Piers, Fender and dolphin protection systems, Dock foundation, Cargo handling facilities)
Orleans Avenue Canal

Orleans Avenue Canal