Project Information

Design Engineering, Inc. (DEI) presented a comprehensive solution to improve the multi-level rotary interchange at Causeway Blvd and Airline Highway. Constructed by the GNOEC in 1957 and now owned by Jefferson Parish, this structure has seen little maintenance since its completion.

Given the high traffic volume on Airline Highway and Causeway Blvd, it was determined that it would not be feasible to shut down the circle and associated ramps for inspections. DEI worked closely with Jefferson Parish to schedule inspections and repairs during off-peak hours, including nights, weekends, and even early Sunday mornings, to minimize inconvenience to the community.



Jefferson Parish



Metairie, LA


Our Role

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Scope Of Work

DEI has conducted a thorough structural inspection, performed a load capacity rating analysis, and submitted a report outlining recommended repairs and corrective measures. Our team is now designing innovative solutions to ensure that this important infrastructure serves the community for decades to come. To ensure safety and minimal disruption, DEI has employed Professional Traffic Engineers in coordination with the Jefferson Parish Traffic Department and retained a traffic safety company to be on call. We understand the importance of safety and will be taking all necessary measures to ensure the safety of the public and the workers.