Project Information

Our team of experts handled every aspect of the project contracted to us by the Port of New Orleans, from civil site design and structural design to drainage analysis, development of plans and specifications, landscaping, soil borings, cantilever retaining and floodwall analysis, reinforced embankments, and bank stability analysis of flood walls (T-wall, I-wall, L-wall), topographic maps, and contour maps.



Port of New Orleans



New Orleans, LA


Our Role

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Scope Of Work

We performed investigations, alternative comparisons, data evaluations, engineering, analysis, civil, structural, hydraulic, geotechnical, and electrical design, technical writing, geotechnical reports, feasibility studies, plans and specifications, maintenance of existing roadway and traffic, replacement of batture material, EDA, EDC, and QAR for the St. Andrew Street Wharf Erosion Mitigation project which is immediately adjacent and in daily contact with the Mississippi River. The project required the construction of a 1600 foot long by 50 feet deep steel sheet pile wall with a reinforced concrete pile cap along the roadway side of the St. Andrew Street Wharf, as well as associated earthwork, roadway, fencing, and incidental concrete paving. With DEI on the job, you can trust that your project will be completed on time and within budget, to the highest standards of quality and safety.