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Expert witness testimony is a critical aspect of legal proceedings, particularly in cases involving technical evidence or complex engineering concepts. Engineering expert witnesses are called upon to review, analyze and explain technical evidence to the court, offering opinions on matters such as the cause of an accident, product safety, and more.

Engineering expert witness cases require a deep understanding of engineering principles and practices. The testimony of an engineering expert witness can be pivotal in helping the court to fully grasp the technical aspects of the case and make a well-informed decision.

DEI has the skills and experience to quickly and accurately investigate and assess infrastructure failures.

At DEI, we pride ourselves on our wide range of expertise, spanning from areas such as Hydraulics, Hydrology, Structural Engineering, Wastewater Engineering, and Historic Redevelopment. Our team, led by Dr. Jim Martin, is court-recognized experts in the fields of Hydraulics, Hydrology, Sewerage, and Water. Furthermore, all members of the DEI team are licensed professional engineers with extensive experience in the fields of industrial, commercial, design, construction, and failure analysis.