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Experience the perfect blend of history and luxury with the 419 Carondelet project by Design Engineering Inc. Our team expertly designed, managed, and rehabilitated an 1858 historic building in the heart of New Orleans’ Central Business District, turning it into a stunning sixteen-unit high-end apartment complex with three ground-floor commercial spaces facing Carondelet Street.

The property was in a failing condition at the time of acquisition, so our team employed steel shoring, selective demolition, brick repointing, and the restoration and repurposing of many exterior and interior components. All original components that could be salvaged or repaired were disassembled, then reinstalled or repurposed in the building, with a goal of respecting the historic characteristics while bringing a modern influence to the design.



419 Carondelet LLC



New Orleans, LA


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Structural/Historic Renovation

Scope Of Work

During renovation, an on-site wood-working shop was set-up on the first floor where original wood windows, interior wood doors, and all millwork were repaired and/or rebuilt. The salvaged wood flooring and wood beams were re-milled into new wood flooring with a herringbone pattern and brass inlay. Modern conveniences and up-to date code compliance items were carefully incorporated into the overall historic character of the building.In addition, the rear courtyard building, which had partly collapsed, was reconstructed, and a saltwater pool was added to the courtyard.