Project Information

Our team is actively involved in the ongoing project commissioned by the Port of New Orleans – the Relocation of East St. Bernard Highway for the Louisiana International Terminal (LIT) project. This strategic initiative involves relocating the highway from approximately Violet Canal to River Queen Drive, including the construction of a new bridge overpassing rail. Notably, this project is currently in progress, and our commitment to its successful completion remains steadfast.



Port of New Orleans



Violet, LA


Our Role





Scope Of Work

The scope of our responsibilities encompasses a meticulous approach to the project’s various aspects. From realigning the roadway to constructing the new bridge and seamlessly integrating a rail overpass, our team is dedicated to ensuring the successful execution of each task. Of equal importance is the management of existing utilities along the current roadway alignment and their strategic relocation to the proposed road location. This includes a range of utilities, from local distribution assets to large-scale transmission assets, with a keen understanding of the regional impact associated with their relocation.

As we continue to progress with the Relocation of East St. Bernard Highway project, our focus on delivering excellence remains unwavering. We are committed to meeting and exceeding expectations in terms of quality, safety, and timely completion.