Project Information

Constructed in 1960 and 1961, the Nashville Wharf “A” has undergone multiple modifications, and in 2017, a section of the wharf experienced a deck failure, prompting immediate attention. Design Engineering Inc. (DEI) was contracted by the Port of New Orleans to oversee all facets of the project, offering a comprehensive suite of services ranging from civil site design and structural considerations to drainage analysis, plan development, landscaping, and soil assessments. Our commitment extended to detailed analyses of flood walls, topographic and contour mapping, ensuring a thorough understanding of the site.



Port of New Orleans



New Orleans, LA


Our Role

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Scope Of Work

In the Comprehensive Substructure Inspection Phase, our team meticulously examined the Nashville Wharf above and below the water line. Detailed plans were compiled, and a preliminary design report was developed. Transitioning to the Preconstruction CMAR Design Phase, we collaborated closely with the construction team, providing design documents and precise quantity and cost estimates at key milestones. Simultaneously, during the Construction Phase, our dedicated administration services addressed real-time construction intricacies, allowing for modifications to plans. In the Post-Construction Phase, we completed post-construction services, thoroughly reviewed red-line plans, and meticulously prepared as-built plans. Our unwavering commitment ensured that the Nashville Wharf Substructure Repair Project met the highest standards of quality, safety, and adhered to schedule and budget constraints.