Awards Projects

Design Engineering Inc. (DEI) was awarded the Relocation of East St. Bernard Highway and Associated Utilities for the Louisiana International Terminal (LIT) project. As a leading design and engineering firm, our team is excited to contribute to this significant infrastructure development.

The Port of New Orleans is investing $1.8 billion in the LIT project to meet the growing need for shipping container capacity. Located in Violet, St Bernard Parish, the project spans over 400 acres and has been in various stages of planning and permitting for several years. Our role involves relocating East St. Bernard Highway and constructing a new bridge that will seamlessly cross the rail system. We will also address the relocation of various utilities, from local distribution assets to large-scale transmission assets, with regional impacts

Our dedicated team is prepared to deliver exceptional results and provide the service that a project of this magnitude requires. We extend our gratitude to the Port of New Orleans for entrusting us with this important endeavor. Stay tuned for updates as we work towards the realization of the Louisiana International Terminal, driving economic growth and enhancing shipping container capacity in the region.

Learn more about the LIT project by visiting their website: