Awards Projects

Design Engineering, Inc. received recognition for the St. Andrews Street Wharf Erosion Mitigation project with an Award of Merit from the ACI Louisiana Chapter. Our team at Design Engineering Inc. rose to the challenge of addressing the serious erosion issues that were putting the stability of the Port of New Orleans’ trucking infrastructure at risk.

Prior to construction, the soil beneath the St. Andrew Wharf and the adjacent trucking roadway had eroded, resulting in the collapse of multiple segments of the wharf. To address this problem, our team at Design Engineering, Inc. utilized concrete to provide a durable, long-term barrier that would prevent further erosion and maintain the boundary of the wharf for years to come.

The use of concrete as a solution was crucial in this project, as it provided a strong and reliable barrier that could withstand the powerful forces of the Mississippi River. This allowed us to effectively mitigate the erosion and protect the trucking infrastructure that is critical to the Port of New Orleans’ operations.

We are proud to receive this award, which serves as a testament to our commitment to delivering top-notch engineering solutions that meet the needs of our clients. We are grateful for the recognition and thank the ACI Louisiana Chapter for this achievement.