Awards Projects

Design Engineering, Inc. has been honored with the Award of Excellence in the 2022 American Concrete Institute (ACI) Louisiana Chapter Awards Competition for its innovative Seawall Erosion Control Paving Project. This project proposes a unique solution to the erosion issue on Lakeshore Drive, transforming it into an attractive, natural and decorative concrete plaza that prevents soil erosion and damage from wave action, and simultaneously attracts New Orleans-area residents and tourists to the New Orleans Lakefront.

The Seawall Erosion Control Paving Project has already made a significant impact in the New Orleans area, providing a safe and attractive public space for residents and visitors to enjoy. The completed project has proven to withstand storms, preventing flooding and debris deposits on the Lakeshore Drive, while attracting thousands and eventually millions of people who will have enjoyed the paved area by walking and fishing.

Design Engineering, Inc. is proud to receive this recognition and is committed to delivering innovative and sustainable engineering solutions for its clients. The company would like to thank its dedicated team and all those who contributed to this successful project.