Maria Umanzor

Civil Engineer Intern

Ms. Umanzor, a distinguished graduate of the University of New Orleans in 2023, began contributing to the DEI team immediately upon her arrival in January of 2024. As an engineering intern, Ms. Umanzor brings with her a wealth of academic knowledge and a strong commitment to excellence.

Select Projects

Personal Experience

Ms. Umanzor actively contributes to a spectrum of projects, gaining hands-on experience in crucial aspects of civil engineering. Her focused expertise extends to collaborative efforts with senior engineers, actively engaging in the intricacies of the design and construction process.

Ms. Umanzor’s enthusiasm for expanding her skill set is evident as she navigates challenges, learns from experienced colleagues, and consistently makes valuable contributions to the success of DEI. Her dedication to excellence and proactive approach to continuous growth makes Ms. Umanzor a promising and valued member of the DEI team, exemplifying the standard of talent and commitment we cherish at our company.