Wayne “Dickie” Lemoine

Lead Structural Inspector

Mr. Lemoine is an expert senior inspector with over 33 years of experience with the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development. He has multiple certifications in bridge rehabilitation, structural concrete, concrete paving, asphalt paving, embankment, base course, and others. He has worked on multiple multi-billion-dollar bridge projects, as well as historic bridges, and other structural and transportation-focused projects. He has been part of the maintenance of the only three tunnels located in the state of Louisiana and has extensive movable bridge experience.

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Personal Experience

Mr. Lemoine is a highly skilled and experienced Structural Inspector at Design Engineering, Inc. With multiple certifications in various areas of construction and inspection, he is an expert in his field and is well-equipped to handle even the most complex and challenging projects. He has extensive experience working on large-scale projects, including multi-billion-dollar bridge projects, historic bridges, moveable bridges, tunnels, and other transportation-focused projects.

Throughout his career, Mr. Lemoine has built a reputation as a trusted and reliable inspector, known for his attention to detail and his commitment to quality. He has a deep understanding of the inspection process and has the skills and knowledge necessary to ensure that projects are completed to the highest standards. He is an asset to Design Engineering, Inc. and is highly valued by the company’s clients for his expertise and dedication to his work.