An innovative approach
for today and tomorrow
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About Us

An innovative approach for today and tomorrow

At DEI, our goal is to look beyond the ordinary and create motivated design solutions backed by solid technical performance.

We strive to exceed our clients’ expectations. Formed in 1984, Design Engineering, Inc. made a commitment in meeting this goal to produce top-quality projects that our clients deserve. DEI strongly believes in doing more than just offering its professional consulting services to business, community, and government. A routine approach does not serve the clients’ best interests.

DEI regularly develops innovative methods to ensure client satisfaction by involving them in the processes and consulting with them on their specific needs throughout every phase of the project. DEI has also implemented a Quality Assurance Program that meets state and federal requirements along with our client’s needs. In using a set of internal checks and balances, clients are assured that design schedules are established, progress is monitored, feedback is collected, and all project specifications are properly met.

While meeting clients’ stated goals and objectives, DEI’s ability to successfully work with government entities from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to U.S. Fishery and Wildlife Service to the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development to cities and major public agencies, goes unmatched.

DEI promises to bring together our experience and knowledge combined with our client’s vision to attain our goal at every level.

The E&W Approach Roadway

The E&W Approach Roadway