Brady Pechon, PE

Civil Engineer

Mr. Pechon is an LSU Alumnus who joined DEI after a stint in the construction industry. He performs drainage, roadway, site, and quantity calculations, as well as works on complex permitting issues concerning Railroad Rights-of-way. In addition, he has performed structural inspections in Marine environments (like the Mississippi River).

Select Projects

Personal Experience

Mr. Pechon is a talented Civil Engineer at Design Engineering, Inc. He joined DEI after gaining valuable experience in the construction industry, where he developed a deep understanding of the design and construction process. With his background and expertise, he has been able to make an immediate impact at DEI, providing support on a variety of projects across different areas of civil engineering.

One of Mr. Pechon’s key responsibilities at DEI is to perform drainage, roadway, site, and quantity calculations. He has demonstrated a strong attention to detail and a commitment to accuracy, which has been critical in ensuring the success of these projects. Additionally, Mr. Pechon has been instrumental in addressing complex permitting issues concerning Railroad Rights-of-way, demonstrating his ability to navigate complex regulations and procedures to ensure that projects are completed smoothly and in compliance with all regulations. Mr. Pechon’s diverse skill set, combined with his commitment to excellence, has made him a valuable member of the DEI team.