Jacob McCaffery, EI

Civil Engineer Intern

Mr. McCaffery is a proud graduate of Louisiana State University in 2023. As an engineering intern, he brings fresh perspectives and a passion for learning. Mr. McCaffery contributes to various projects, gaining hands-on experience in different aspects of civil engineering. His dedication and eagerness to grow make him an asset to our team and a promising talent in the making.

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Personal Experience

Embarking on his professional journey after graduating from Louisiana State University, Mr. McCaffery joined DEI as an engineering intern. Enthusiastic about applying his academic knowledge to real-world projects, he plays a vital role in contributing to various tasks and gaining hands-on experience across different facets of civil engineering.

Collaborating with senior engineers, Mr. McCaffery learns the intricacies of the design and construction process. As an emerging professional, he is eager to take on challenges, learn from experienced colleagues, and contribute to the continued success of DEI. Mr. McCaffery’s dedication to excellence and enthusiasm for continued growth make him a promising and valued member of the DEI team.